About Us

Wheel Spinner is a free web-based solution designed by [change this to your name later], to create a free to use decision making algorithm that lets you pick between multiple choices completely at random. You no longer have to resort to old ways of decision making. You just need to visit wheelspinner.co, enter your choices a let the random spinner give you an output.

Whenever you make a decision based on gut feeling, you are likely to change that decision on a whim as there is no form of accountability. With Wheel Spinner, you don’t have to worry about losing track of anything as everything is written down explicitly and there is no turning away from what is displayed physically. Therefore, you don’t need complicated note taking, just run the wheel spinner, get a response and you have a single answer (or as many as you like from your list of choices) that will take you to a decision that you have in writing, clear as day.

The Wheel Spinner is a web-based decision-making app that can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device as long as you have a working web connection. It is a randomizer app that lets you choose between multiple choices either by elimination, or at random.

It works by showing your choices in a color-coded pie chart, the color of which you can change using the drop-down menu to the top right

Just click on wheel spin and you’ll see a spinning animation (supplemented with the appropriate sound) until a decision is made. Once your victorious option is displayed you have the choice to either put that name in a column to the right, remove it from the column on the left (as well as the pie chart/wheel), and start over.

In the first column to your left, labeled participants, you just have to enter the name of your choices. Keep in mind that just because it says participants, does not mean it only caters to people, you can enter places, objects, vehicles, etc. As long as you have items to compare, wheel spinner is designed to help you pick a solution.

In the middle you have the wheel spinner button. Click on it, and you will be treated to a fun animation to simulate the act of spinning and a victorious name is displayed on the screen leaving with the choice to start over, or keep the same names and start the spinning process all over again

In the column to the right, you have a drop-down menu that lets you pick the color scheme, as well a column of names that are not long at the left-most bar. This column can store as many names as you like, you can store these on a separate file to refer to at a later date.

The interface is simple, the app is simple, so give it a test and see if you turn up anything interesting.