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Have you ever found yourself confused about how to make a decision between multiple choices? The traditional way had been to either play an archaic game of Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, tossing a few coins, or jotting the answers down, closing one’s eye and pointing at a name at random. We bring to you the free web-based wheel spinner solution that serves as a random name picker.

The reason those solutions serve no purpose is that there is no form of accountability or record that follows these processes. You could maintain a manual ledger, but then that level of meticulous note taking is not usually associated with this kind of randomized picking.

How Wheel Spinner works?

The Wheel Spinner is a web-based decision-making or spin the wheel solution that serves as a random name picker. It is a pie chart on a spinner with various options written on them, your answer is wherever the spinner randomly lands.

That might be an oversimplification, but that is because it is overly simple. When you go on to you will immediately be greeted by a screen with a multi-colored graph in the middle with two columns on either side.

Simply click on wheel spin and you’ll be treated to a simple animation of the wheel spinning, it will randomly stop at a name/entry, you will see a celebratory show of balloons and cheer, and a name will appear. If you are eliminating choices, you can do that here, and start over with fewer names (the selected names will appear in the right column).

First Column

The first column is labeled participants. It comes preloaded with 7 names, but there is no limit to how many names you can put in. Just write a name and press enter to continue to add names. You can use first name as well as second name if you want, but make sure to press enter after each name as that will create a separate entry.

If you press “spin” on the spinner when the first column is empty, it will automatically reset and you will lose your choices. When you are satisfied with the number of names available to you can move on to the wheel wheel spin part.

Second Column

The second column features names that have been selected in the spinning process. If you choose not to remove the name after it appears in a wheel spin, then this column will remain empty. However, if you choose to remove the name from the left column, it will automatically appear in the right one and cease to exist in the left. You can do this as many times as you have names in the left column. When it is completely empty, the random name picker will either reset, or you will have to enter more names. If you enter a new set of names (without resetting the right column), you can continue to fill this one up as much as you like.

Spin the wheel

The spinner in the middle takes as many entries you have on the left and fits them into different colored pies in the middle. There is a button just above it, to the right that says “Type 2” by default. This denotes a series of colors. So, you have a choice of your visuals, you can select from between any 4 color combinations you want. Having to choose between multiple items can be a drag and often boring, adding a little color might be exactly what you need to add some life to the process.

The spinner is a truly random name picker, you can try to wheel spin the same list any number of times and you won’t be able to detect a pattern in the randomization. This means you can’t predict how this list is going to turn out and that in turn means you have a truly random function.

Also, keep in mind, that if you have a full right column, and no entries in the left column, clicking wheel spin will reset everything and you will lose your list.

What are the usual uses of wheel spinner?

  • Making personal choices
  • When you truly need to randomize a choice between multiple names, come to the wheel spinner. It comes preloaded with 7 names, but if you press enter, you can continue to add as many names as you want, one after the other. If you are thinking of vacationing but can’t identify where to go, try this next time. List one major tourism spot from every continent, and then put that name in the chooser. Click wheel spin and you’ll visit the first one that pops up.

    Similarly, if new parents are thinking of names for their children, they can shorten their list to a handful of names, put them into the spinner and let fate decide.

    You could also use it to simplify things, like meal choices, date spots, which new film to watch, or what to buy.

  • Making corporate choices
  • Companies make choices based on data and knowledge. However, there is always a drop off point in that decision making process when the ideal choices are so identical that math can no longer separate them. Then your choices are left to randomization. E.g., if you are going to hire 2 identically talented people, try to randomize it and see which name appeals more to you.

    Similarly, if you want to give a bonus to some employees but don’t have a large enough budget, you can use the random function. This might even appear softer, as you don’t control, he outcome.

  • Making Sporting Choices
  • Have you ever had a hard time picking team members? How about a randomizer that helped you create a dream team from your list of included participants? You don’t have to worry about making enemies of friends by picking and choosing, let the wheel spinner make the choice, they can’t get angry at a free web application.

  • What to eat
  • Enough of our lives are predictable and boring as-is. You can enter a list of possible food items, followed by days of the week, generate two separate lists (make sure you copy the first into a separate file after using) and then put them against each other, that’s what you’re eating on that day.

  • Elimination
  • Decision making isn’t about figure out what you want, it can also be about sorting things you don’t want. You can create a list of things you don’t like and a list of places you can discard those things. E.g., gift to friends/family, charity, trash. And then let the randomizer pick which item ends up at which destination.

  • Play Games
  • Whose turn is first in a game of monopoly, ludo, carom, or cards? Prepare a list, press the wheel spin button and off you go. This can also apply to video games as well, especially if you can’t decide what to play.

  • How to make decisions?
  • Just because you have a wheel spinner, does not mean it can dictate your life from here on. You still need to exercise a significant amount of control over how you live your life. However, when it comes time to make decisions, you need to have the following information to make better decisions.

  • History
  • Let’s say you want to choose which friend to take along to the movie (assuming you can only take one), then you have to take into account which friend has expressed more of an interest in watching said movie. There’s no point in having a randomizer pick the name if one likes it more than the other. Similarly, if you are out of the city and want a nice place to stay, then think about all the nice places you’ve stayed before and stay there. No need to be random.

  • Ask Others
  • In the same example of you trying to find a nice place to stay, ask your friends who have visited that place before, if they recommend a place, then stay there, if they recommend multiple places, then do a little more research. If they are both equally good, then enter their name in the wheel spinner and head over to wherever the spinner lands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wheel spinner?

wheel spinner a tools website that allows you to quickly pick a name randomly from a list of choices for you. The choices you put in participants list will be shown in wheel.

How much does it cost to use the wheel spinner?

The wheel spinner is 100% free to use. You don’t need to give us anything, we don’t need any of your private information. We just want to help making choosing things easier for you. This is why the web page immediately takes you to the spinner and does not waste your time with any splash screens.

Do I need to make an account ?

No, you don’t need to make any kind of an account with us. Everything is already free; nothing is being stored on any server and all the interaction you have on the page is limited to the page itself. So, you don’t need to sign into anything.

How often can I use Spin the wheel?

As often as your internet connection and time allows. There is no usage limit, no time limit, no expiry time whatsoever. If you make a list, wheel spin it until the right column is full, you can access that list as long as the browser is open, and the spinner isn’t used again.

How can I make more than 1 wheel?

That’s simple, open another browser window and visit, you can do this for any number of times, and it would not affect the outcome of any one of them. This way you can wheel spin for choices in multiple scenarios.

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